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   Carrie Stephens has been writing songs since she was old enough to form sentences. Her debut as a singer was in first grade when she played the littlest pig in a musical production of the Three Little Pigs, and it was then her love for performance was born. Throughout middle and high school in Portland, Oregon, she joined multiple choirs as a Soprano, Mezzo-, and Alto, and even had a brief stint as frontwoman for a punk band. Carrie forayed into experimental music while at the Evergreen State College, before taking a break to jaunt around the country. After landing in Texas, she first focused on her acting career, but never truly gave up on her rock star dreams. She spent a short time as lead singer for red dirt rock band Donkey Island, later forming electro-dark-jazz band Cara Van Thorn with a fellow DI alum. Carrie joined Seventh Legend in 2021, fusing her chorale past with her current signature vocal harmonies, having finally found a home in one of her favorite musical genres.

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