Duston Daulton started playing music at the age of 9. He would fill in on the drums for his father during long 3-4 hour shows. By the age of 12, he started learning guitar and finding musicians to play with. At 14, he formed his own band, Bad Posture, as a singer-songwriter.  After a few years, Duston created another band in high school named Stoned Famous. Then in his late teens, Deaf Angel was created which quickly became popular and was eventually signed. But after 10 years or so the band had drifted apart. Next was Kill The Ties that originally started as a side project. Duston wrote and composed all instruments which later would form into Tetrax. He then moved from the Dallas/Fort Worth area down to Austin and auditioned drums for Seventh Legend. His drumming style has added a new dynamic to the Seventh Legend sound.