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   Jeremy Bornstein started playing bass at age 14. At first, he was heavily inspired and influenced by Rush and other classic rock bands. Then he started getting into old-school metal and modern metal. Jeremy has been in multiple bands in different states: New Jersey, Nevada, Florida, and Texas.  Most bands at this point were partial cover bands and where he was involved in collaborative songwriting.  This lead to his independent songwriting in 2016. He also began playing guitar at this time to help develop his writing skills. With playing 5 and 6 string basses, his songwriting started to take a different shape. And this opened a new doorway to becoming more of a progressive player. Six-string basses are now exclusively used due to how easily it lends itself to play melodies and chords.   Jeremy's style helped add a new dimension to Seventh Legend's music and can easily be heard throughout the songs.

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